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The court process          

The court process has several stages. Select a topic below to know more about a court process:

As a result of changes to the laws the court process is being improved for victims of sexual assault. The changes, coupled with improved procedures and technology, are making it easier for victims of sexual assault to go through court.

Some facts about the court process:

  • the charged offender is now called the accused
  • the victim is called a witness for the crown, and does not need legal representation
  • the accused can plead guilty at any time during the legal process and this may affect whether a victim of sexual assault needs to give evidence or not
  • if your case goes to court, there may be more than one hearing.

Here is a diagram, or flowchart, of the stages that are generally involved after a sexual assault has been committed, from reporting the crime to the court process. You can also download the flowchart (PDF, 24Kb).