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​Vulnerable persons

NSW Courts definition     

The courts make special arrangements for vulnerable persons who need to appear in court to give evidence.

In the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 chapter 6 part 6 a vulnerable person is a person who has suffered a personal assault offence and is one of the following

  1. a child, or

  2. a cognitively impaired person. This includes:

(a) an intellectual disability,
(b) a developmental disorder (including an autistic spectrum disorder),
(c) a neurological disorder,
(d) dementia,
(e) a severe mental illness,
(f) a brain injury.

NSW Police Force definition

The NSW Police make special arrangements for vulnerable persons - particularly when they need to give a statement.

In the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Regulation 2005 Clause 24 a person who falls within one or more of the following categories is a " vulnerable person":

(a) children
(b) people who have impaired intellectual functioning
(c) people who have impaired physical functioning
(d) people who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders
(e) people who are of non-English speaking background