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Accessing your rights      

The following information will help you understand your rights under the Charter of Victims Rights and how you can access them.

Access your rights as a victim in relation to:

Additional information:

Access to court documents
Sentencing Information Package

Victim impact statements - Helping victims of crime have their say

Charter Right 14: A relevant victim will have access to information and assistance for the preparation of any victim impact statement authorised by law to ensure that the full effect of the crime on the victim is placed before the court.

Victim impact statement guide (PDF 150Kb)

Assists victims making a victim impact statement in the Local, District or Supreme Courts. Topics covered include:

  • What is a victim impact statement

  • Who can prepare a victim impact statement

  • When should a victim impact statement be prepared

  • What information should be in a victim impact statement

  • Where to obtain help in preparing a victim impact statement

If you need help in preparing a Victim Impact Statement call the Victims Access Line on 1800 633 063.

Victims Registers - Informing victims about a convicted offender in custody

Charter Right 15: A victim will, on request, be kept informed of the offender's impending release, or escape from custody, or of any change in security classification that results in the offender being eligible for unescorted absence from custody.

Charter Right 16: A victim will, on request, be provided with the opportunity to make submissions concerning the granting of parole to a serious offender or any change in security classification that would result in a serious offender being eligible for unescorted absence from custody.

If the accused has been found guilty, you may be able to go on a Victims Register.  A Victims Register can give you some information about the offender, for example when they may be released.

There are Victims Registers run by Corrective Services NSWSpecialist Victims Support Service, Victims Services and Juvenile Justice NSW.

If you are unsure which register to contact, or you are seeking other information about support available for victims of crime, you may contact the Victims Access Line on 1800 633 063.

Submissions to the Parole Authority by victims registered on a Victims Register

The NSW Parole Authority welcomes letters from all victims. If an offender is a "serious offender" (managed by the Serious Offenders Review Council) then any victim on a Victims Register is able to make a submission to the Parole Authority before it makes its final decision on whether or not to release the offender on parole.

Access to court documents

Access to Court Documents - Information for Victims of Crime (PDF 105KB)
Explains how victims of crime can access court documents from the Local, District or Supreme Court. If you have been a victim of crime and there were criminal proceedings against the offender, you may be able to access court documents in those proceedings. You may be entitled to fee-free access to judgements and written evidence in those proceedings in which you are concerned.

Sentencing information package

Sentencing Information Package (PDF 194KB)
Assist victims of crime in understanding the sentencing process.

Investigation of the crime

Charter Right 4: A victim will, on request, be informed of the progress of the investigation of the crime, unless the disclosure might jeopardise the investigation. In that case, the victim will be informed accordingly.

Return of property held by the State

Charter Right 10: If any property of a victim is held by the State for the purpose of investigation or evidence, the inconvenience to the victim will be minimised and the property returned promptly.

For information on the investigation of the crime and return of property held by the State, see NSW Police website.