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​Hate crimes

The police aim to safeguard the rights of all individuals regardless of their race, religion, ethnic background, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

A hate crime is any crime committed where the motivation was because of a prejudice against a person or people who are thought to be from an identified group.

The Police Force has Hate Crime Coordinator whose main role is to coordinate the response to and prevention of hate crimes. The Hate Crime Coordinator develops policy, collects and analyses statistics and trains and educates the police and the community in relation to hate crimes.

NSW Police webpage Bias crimes contains helpful information.

A NSW Police document NSW Police Priorities for working in a culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse society has more information.

The Australian Hate Crime Network (AHCN) is dedicated to the provision of information and resources on hate crime in Australia and the development of national and local networks to address hate crime