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​Drink spiking

What is drink spiking?

When a drink is spiked it means that alcohol or drugs (illicit or prescription) have been added to the drink without the persons knowledge or approval. The practice is illegal and potentially deadly to the person whose drink is spiked.

Where does drink spiking happen?

Most cases of drink spiking happen at night clubs and pubs. However, there have also been incidents of drink spiking at private parties, school functions and restaurants.

What should you do if you think your drink has been spiked?

If you think you have consumed a drink that has been spiked, alert someone you trust like a friend. If you are out alone or can't reach your friends, alert a staff member at the club or pub you are at.

You should also get medical attention immediately and insist on providing urine and blood samples. If you have been spiked, the drugs don't stay in your system for long, so give samples straight away.

Police and sexual health clinics also have access to facilities that can provide the level of testing required, and your samples can be preserved as evidence if you chose to have police investigate the matter.

If you feel you cannot speak to anyone initially, at least get a sample of your urine and store it in a clean sealable container in the fridge until you decide what you want to do.