Victims Rights      

Victims of crime in New South Wales have a Charter of Victims Rights (the Charter) to protect and promote their rights.

The Charter of Victims Rights outlines 18 rights for victims of crime in NSW including their rights to:

  • be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect;
  • information about, and access to, welfare, health, counselling and legal services, where available;
  • information about the investigation and prosecution of the offender; and
  • protection from the offender and protection of privacy.

Depending on the victim's situation and whether the crime involved violence or threat of violence, the victim may also have the right to:

The NSW Code of Practice for the Charter of Victims Rights has been developed to support and guide the implementation of the Charter.

If you believe that a NSW Government or non-government agency or contractor (excluding private legal officers and medical practitioners) funded to provide services to victims of crime has not acted in accordance with the Charter of Victims Rights, you are entitled to make a complaint

Brochures and information sheets regarding the Charter of Victims Rights are on our Publications page to view or download in your preferred format.

Services for victims outside NSW

Information about entitlements and services for victims of crime where the offence occurred outside New South Wales.