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Charter of Victims Rights

(2pp A4 sheet) Sets out the 18 rights contained in the Charter of Victims Rights and also explains what to do if the victim feels their rights under the Charter are not being met.

Available to download in

English (PDF, 56Kb)
Arabic (PDF, 73Kb)
Chinese Simplified (PDF, 159Kb)
Chinese Traditional (PDF, 303Kb)
Dari (PDF, 70Kb)
French (PDF, 46Kb)
Greek (PDF, 57Kb)
Hindi (PDF, 89Kb)
Korean (PDF, 151Kb)
Macedonian (PDF, 73Kb)
Samoan (PDF, 63Kb)
Somali (PDF, 45Kb)
Spanish (PDF, 45Kb)
Swahili (PDF, 44Kb)
Tamil (PDF, 57Kb)
Turkish (PDF, 49Kb)
Vietnamese (PDF, 52Kb)

Victims Services - Helping victims of crime in NSW

(1pp A4 sheet) Provides information about Victims Services and what services it can provide to victims of crime in NSW.

Available to download in

English (PDF, 219Kb)
Arabic (PDF, 91Kb)
Chinese Simplified (PDF, 203Kb)
Chinese Traditional (PDF, 266Kb)
Croatian (PDF, 70Kb)
Dinka (PDF, 99Kb)
Farsi (PDF, 87Kb)
Greek (PDF, 68Kb)
Khmer (PDF, 89Kb)
Korean (PDF, 97Kb)
Macedonian (PDF, 66Kb)
Serbian (PDF, 62Kb)
Spanish (PDF, 58Kb)
Thai (PDF, 76Kb)
Turkish (PDF, 66Kb)
Vietnamese (PDF, 61Kb)