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​Publications - Miscellaneous

You can order any of these publications free of ch​arge.

Victims Services - Helping victims of crime in NSW (PDF, 83kb)
(DL pamphlet)
Accessible version (PDF, 113Kb)

Provides information about 'Victims Services' the organisation, and the services it offers.

image of young person  brochure

When a young person has committed a crime against you (PDF, 167kb)

(DL pamphlet)
Accessible version (PDF, 132Kb)

How will police deal with a young person who has committed a crime under the Young Offenders Act 1997 explaining actions the police may take, such as warnings, cautions and conferencing, available support services and whether you may entitled to financial assistance.

Have you been convicted of an offence? You may have to pay restitution (PDF, 115kb)
(DL pamphlet)
Accessible version (PDF, 113Kb)

When a victim of a crime that happened in NSW receives financial support from Victims Services under the Victims Rights and Support Act 2013 the Commissioner of Victims Rights is entitled to recover money from any person who has been convicted of the criminal offence that relates to the victim's claim. This is called restitution.

​Booklets ​

image of guide to media for victims of crimeA guide to the media for victims of crime (pdf 320Kb)
(A5 booklet) If you are a victim of crime you may find yourself the centre of media attention. This booklet is designed to inform you of your rights and to assist you in dealing with the media.

​Information sheets

image of victims registers sheet

Victims Registers (PDF, 98kb)
(2pp A4 sheet) Provides information for victims of crime about victims registers. Information is provided about the purposes of the victims registers and the contact details of the three agencies who hold victims registers: Corrective Services NSW, the Justice Health Forensic Executive Support Unit and Juvenile Justice.

image of statement of harm sheetStatements of Harm Information Guide (PDF, 140kb)
(2pp A4 sheet) Assists victims of crime who may be considering making a statement of harm to be read to young offenders receiving a caution ( Young Offenders Act 1997).
image of mental illness sheet
Mental Illness and Serious Crime (PDF, 139kb)
(4pp A4 sheet) Explains how a person who has committed an act of violence can be found not guilty by reason of mental illness, within the criminal justice system in NSW. Topics covered include:
  • What happens when a person with a mental illness has been arrested?

  • What does not guilty by means of mental illness mean?

  • What happens after a finding of not guilty by reason of mental illness is made?

  • What is a forensic patient?

  • What is the Mental Health Review Tribunal?