Victims Access Line 1800 633 063 Aboriginal Contact Line 1800 019 123 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

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Information about counselling and support

Counselling for victims of violent crime (PDF, 696Kb)

Information about the counselling under theVictims Rights and Support Act 2013. Topics include:

  • How counselling can help
  • Who are Approved Counsellors?
  • Am I eligible for free counselling?
  • How do I apply for counselling?
  • How many hours of counselling can I receive?

Recovering from crime (PDF, 99Kb)

Outlines common trauma responses for victims of crime and a list of agencies that provides support.

Family victims - a fact sheet about support available to families of homicide victims in NSW (PDF, 48Kb)

Information for family members of homicide victims on counselling, funeral expenses and financial support.

Crime scene clean-up (pdf 47Kb) 

Provides information on crime scene clean-up including:

  • What is involved
  • Who is responsible
  • What assistance or support is available

Coping with witnessing a traumatic event (pdf 102Kb) 

Provides information to help cope with witnessing a traumatic event including:

  • Common reactions
  • Resurfacing feelings of grief and anxiety
  • Helping children to cope

Helping children cope with trauma (pdf 129Kb) 

Outlines ways to help children to cope with trauma and includes a list of agencies that provide support. Topics covered include:

  • Symptoms children may display after a traumatic event
  • How parents can help
  • When to seek professional help
  • Contact details of agencies who can help

Supporting a family member or friend who is a victim of crime (pdf 117Kb) 

Outlines ways to support a family member or friend who is a victim of crime. Topics include:

  • Common feelings and reactions
  • What you can do to assist
  • Types of victims of crime

Violent crime against men: Where to find help (pdf 126Kb)

  • Provides information for men who have been a victim of crime. Topics include:

    • Common physical & emotional reactions
    • How counselling can help
    • What the victim can do
    • Other support services