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​Be Courtwise

It is natural to feel nervous about going to court. Courthouses are often large and old, and you may feel uncomfortable in the courtroom environment as it may be a new experience for you. You might feel anxious about giving evidence in front of the accused and other people you do not know. The more you find out about what court is really like, the less anxious you may feel.

Poems & relaxation games

Supportive poems intended for children as well as adults who have had to go to court as a witness

Relaxation games - Just breathe, Imagine you're a tree


The definitions of words and phrases you may hear used in court and elsewhere in the criminal justice system.

DVD about going to court

This video/DVD has been developed to assist victims of crime navigate the criminal justice system in NSW. It follows three victims of crime as they report the crime, give evidence in the Local, District and Supreme Courts, through to the final decision of the court and sentencing of the offender.

Other court-related resources

Available in Forms and Publications > brochures and information sheets > court and sentencing