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Who can apply

    In general, you are eligible to apply for all four support types if you are the victim of an act of violence that occurred in NSW and suffer some injury as a direct result of that act of violence (that is, a “primary victim”). You can also be considered a primary victim and be eligible to apply for all four support types if you suffer an injury while trying to:  

    • Prevent someone from committing an act of violence; or

    • Help or rescue someone against whom an act of violence is being committed; or

    • Arrest someone who is committing an act of violence.  

    If you are an immediate family member and/or a dependent family member of a homicide victim, you are eligible to apply for certain forms of assistance.  

    An `immediate family member’ of a deceased primary victim is:

    • The victim’s spouse, OR

    • The defacto spouse or partner of the same sex who has lived with the victim for at least two years, OR

    • A parent, guardian or step-parent of the victim, OR

    • A child or step-child of the victim or other child of whom the victim was the guardian; OR

    • A brother, sister, step-brother or step-sister, half-brother or half-sister of the victim.

    A 'dependent family member' of a homicide victim is a member of the `immediate family’ who was financially dependent on the deceased. 


    All victims of violent crime are eligible to apply for counselling.

    Immediate needs

    Primary victims of violent crime can apply for immediate needs assistance. Family members of homicide victims can claim for funeral expenses and crime scene clean up.

    Economic loss

    Primary victims of violent crime can apply for financial assistance. Parents of a child victim may be eligible. Family members of homicide victims can apply for justice-related expenses.

    Recognition payment

    Primary victims of violent crime can apply for a recognition payment. Dependent family members and parents of homicide victims can also apply.

    Application form

    You may apply for financial support by completing the online form below. Please remember to save your form before pressing the submit button.
    Online application - Counselling and/or Financial Assistance and/or Recognition Payment (PDF, 514Kb)

    Use of this form requires that Adobe Reader (8.01 or above) be installed on your computer. The free Adobe Reader software can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

    At the end of the form you are asked to press a SUBMIT button which will send the application to Victim Services. If the submission process has been successful you will see on your screen a copy of the form with an enquiry number near the top. See sample image of the top of a submitted form.

    If you have problems using the interactive online form above, non-interactive off-line printable versions are available on our Forms page. If you want help filling out the form or have problems with the forms please contact Victims Services, by phone, mail or email vs@justice.nsw.gov.au. For brochures on this and related topics please refer to our Publications page.