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Who can apply

The package of counselling, financial support and recognition payment that makes up victims support is available to victims of violent crime in New South Wales.

People who can obtain victims support are described as different types of victim and have access to different levels and amounts of support. Support can also be claimed by parties connected to the application, who are not necessarily victims themselves, as indicated below.

Victims support is available to:

A primary victim of an act of violence

  • Who is a person who is injured or dies as a direct result of the act of violence, 
    • OR:
    • trying to prevent another person from committing that act, OR
    • trying to help or rescue another person against whom the act is being committed or has just been committed, OR
    • Trying to arrest another person who is committing, or has just committed, that act.

A family victim of an act of violence

  • A member of the immediate family of a primary homicide victim 
    • (A relevant family member of a primary victim of homicide can also apply for counselling)

A secondary victim of an act of violence 

  • A person injured as a direct result of witnessing the act of violence against a primary victim 
  • OR 
  • A parent or guardian of a child primary victim who is injured as a direct result of becoming aware of an act of violence committed against their child.

A parent, step-parent, or guardian of a child primary victim who is in their care (eligible through both the child’s primary victim application and as a secondary victim for counselling only).

A third party 

  • A person or organisation that has incurred expense (in relation to a primary homicide victim only)

What support is each type of victim eligible for?

The table below illustrates the availability of each support type from the package, in relation to the victim or support person applying. It must be established that the support requested is directly related to the act of violence.