​Information for Approved Counsellors

How to become an Approved Counsellor

(For information on how to become an Approved Counsellor follow this link)

For current Approved Counsellors

If you are currently an Approved Counsellor it is important that you know the following information.

Working with us

Victims Services administers the Approved Counselling Service (ACS) under the Victims Rights and Support Act 2013.

Our purpose is to provide support and face to face counselling to victims of crime in NSW. The ACS provides victims to access up to 22 hours of free counselling and is one of the responses available to victims of crime to assist them in coping with the trauma symptoms arising as a direct result of an act of violence.  We provide this service in partnership with Approved Counsellors like you.

How the Service works

The Approved Counsellors, engaged by Victims Services, are social workers, psychologists, clinical psychologists or psychiatrists in private practice.

Victims Services has a public register of Approved Counsellors across NSW and other states, with the knowledge and proven experience to work victims of crime and trauma.  This register is listed on our website to assist victims to choose an Approved Counsellor.

Requirements of Approved Counsellors

Please refer to the Practice Alerts and Information sheets on the Approved Counselling Service and how to work with us.

Changes to your practice location, availability, etc

Approved Counsellors must inform Victims Services as soon as possible when there is a change in circumstances, for example where they:

  • are at capacity and cannot take new referrals
  • have relocated or changed any contact details.

Complaints handling process for Approved Counsellors

Practice alerts & information sheets

Practice alerts and Information Sheets are designed to emphasise the important aspects of the Practice Standards and how to work with us.

Any updates regarding the ACS will be posted on the website.

Please refer to the Practice Alerts and Information sheets on the Approved Counselling Service.

Renewal of Deed of Agreements

  • Communication to Approved Counsellors about the renewal of Deed of Agreements (PDF, xxKb)
  • Pre 2013 Renewal Form (PDF, 314Kb)


Victims Services pays Approved Counsellors according to the hourly rate. Payments  will be made to Approved Counsellors within our service standards of 28 working days from receipt of your completed invoice.

Invalid invoices will be voided and the Accounts team will be in contact with you.

Please refer any general payment enquiries to:

Accounts Team

Phone: 1800 633 063
Email: vs@justice.nsw.gov.au

Contact Us

Clinical Programs Team

Phone: 1800 633 063
Email: vs@justice.nsw.gov.au
Website: www.victimsservices.justice.nsw.gov.au