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Who can apply for counselling?

Am I eligible to receive Approved Counselling?    

You are eligible to receive free counselling from an Approved Counsellor if you are psychologically, emotionally and/or have been physically injured:

  • as a result of an act of violence (assault) in NSW; or
  • as a result of witnessing an act of violence; or
  • as a result of learning of the act of violence and you are the parent or guardian of a primary victim who was under the age of 18 years at the time of the act of violence; or
  • preventing someone from committing an act of violence in NSW, or
  • arresting someone who is committing, or has just committed an act of violence, or
  • helping or rescuing someone against whom an act of violence is being committed, or has just been committed.

Relatives of homicide victims where the homicide took place in NSW are eligible for free counselling.

Counselling for the family of a person killed by a motor vehicle

The immediate family of a person who is killed by a motor vehicle can  apply for counselling only if the death occurred in the commission of  murder or manslaughter. Contact us for more details.