Resources for Approved Counsellors



    Practice Standards for Approved Counsellors (PDF, 1578Kb)
    Client feedback (webpage)
    Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 104Kb)
    Guide to Online Invoicing (PDF, 173Kb)  


    Interim Counselling (limited referrals) form (PDF, 375Kb)
    Change of details form (practice, contact, banking) (PDF, 180Kb)

    Report templates

    Initial Assessment Report (PDF, 223Kb)
    Final report (PDF, 137Kb)
    Over 22 Hours Report (PDF, 114Kb)

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    Publications for service providers

    Flexible service delivery for clients

    Victims Services works with clients and Approved Counsellors to ensure flexible and responsive services are available to clients with varying needs.

    While clients are attending counselling, they may also be working through their justice journey and may request support from Approved Counsellors with various facets of this journey, such as debriefing after contact with Police and other agencies in relation to the crime, or to help prepare a Victims Impact Statement, or to provide support at court. Some clients may require telephone/online counselling for a brief period, particularly where the client's lifestyle may be in a period of transition, or those in rural or remote areas.

    To facilitate these services, Approved Counsellors must raise a request with the Coordinator of Approved Counselling Programs at

    To facilitate appropriate referrals and responsive services, Approved Counsellors must notify Victims Services if there is a change to their practice location, contact information and availability. Updated information on the completion of relevant ongoing professional development and experience with different client groups is relevant to making appropriate client referrals.