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Feedback about our service

Feedback is important

We welcome your comments about the service we provide. This feedback is important as it helps us resolve any concerns and continually improve the services we provide.

What can I comment about?

You can make a comment about the way we provide any of our services. For example:

  • the policies or procedures of Victims Services

  • the quality of service you have received directly from us

  • the quality of service you have received directly from an Approved Counsellor

  • how we have treated you in relation to your rights under the Charter of Victims Rights

  • the conduct of a staff member

  • compliment us when we have done well.

What if I am unhappy with a decision about my application for support?

If you are unhappy with the decision made regarding your application for support you cannot lodge a complaint but you may be able to request a review. More information can be found in the Review section.

What if I want to provide a compliment, feedback or make a complaint about Victims Services or an Approved Counsellor?

If you have a concern, it may be best to first discuss the matter with the staff member you are dealing with. Often this can clear up misunderstandings and sort out problems quickly. You can ask to speak with the staff member's supervisor or manager if you feel this is necessary.

Compliments, feedback or complaints can be lodged over the phone or in writing. If a complaint is about a serious or complex matter or allegation it is best to put it in writing. Written complaints should be addressed to the Strategy and Complaints Manager at the address below.

You can provide feedback, compliments or lodge a complaint using the Feedback widget on the right hand side of the Victims Services homepage. You can also complete this form.

It is important to:

  • tell us as soon as possible about the matter
  • state clearly what your complaint is
  • give us information and details to assist in investigating the matter
  • provide any further information needed as soon as possible.

If you need help, or if you just want to discuss your problem before deciding whether to provide feedback or make a complaint, you can call and speak to us to help you decide what you would like to do next.

Victims Services require the consent of the client in investigating the complaint. If you are lodging a complaint on behalf of someone else, please complete this form and send it to Victims Services with your complaint form.

Please read Rights and Responsibilities of Parties to a Complaint.

Please read information about Approved Counsellor Complaints.

What if I want to make a complaint under the Charter of Victims Rights?

The Charter of Victims Rights sets out 18 rights which outline how government departments should treat and assist you if you are a victim of crime. Victims Services has a responsibility to receive complaints and to try to resolve th​em. The Charter Complaints webpage explains what you can do if you feel that your rights have not been met.

To lodge a complaint under the Charter you can download a complaint form.

How will my compliment, feedback or complaint be dealt with?

We will acknowledge your feedback, compliment or complaint within 3 working days.

If a response is required, we will endeavour to provide a response within 21 working days. Sometimes this may take longer because, for example, we might need to get information from other people or agencies. We will advise you of steps we are taking and of the date you can expect an outcome.

What if I believe Victims Services has not correctly handled my complaint?

All complainants are entitled to an internal review of the complaint process. This will not be a review of the outcome, but rather to ensure that the complaint handling process was followed. For more information about how the Department of Communities and Justice manages complaints please visit the Feedback and Complaints page.

How will my privacy be protected?

  1. Your information is being collected and held by Victims Services so that Victims Services can take steps to resolve your complaint, including investigating and following up on your complaint.
  2. You may access or amend the information you provide to Victims Services at any time.
  3. Your information and identity may be disclosed to the person about whom the complaint is being made, to enable a fair investigation and appropriate outcome.
  4. Your information and identity may be disclosed to professional standards bodies such as the Health Care Complaints Commission, or the NSW Police for investigation.
  5. Your information and identity may be disclosed if required by law or legal process, such as subpoena or warrant.
  6. You are not obligated by law to provide the details requested, however if you do not provide complete and accurate details then it will not be possible to keep you up to date about the complaint. It will also not be possible to investigate the complaint, as our investigation procedure requires that both parties be given a fair opportunity to respond, and have the necessary information to do so.

If you wish to have someone else seek or receive feedback on your behalf related to a complaint, you need to complete the attached form.

Would you like to provide feedback about this website?

You can use the Department of Communities and Justice feedback widget which can be found on the right hand side of the Department of Communities and Justice homepage and also on the Feedback and Complaints page. The widget is simple to use and automatically directs your feedback to the appropriate area.

Do you have suggestions for our site?  Please email your feedback or suggestions to:

Contact information

Contact Victim Services on:
Victims Access Line: 1800 633 063
Office hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
Email: vs@dcj.nsw.gov.au

To send in a written complaint address the complaint to:

Strategy and Complaints Manager
Locked Bag 5118
Parramatta NSW 2124