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Victims Services will be closed from 24 December 2018 - 2 January 2019. Business hours will also be reduced to 8am-4pm on 21 December and from 2-11 January 2019. Staff at Victims Services would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday.

  • 22/11/2018 - NSW Police have launched their ADVO Compliance Check CSA. This was shown on Channel 9 news and is on NSW Police’s Facebook page.

  • 22/11/2018 - As part of the forensic mental health reforms, NSW Parliament recently passed the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Amendment (Victims) Bill 2018. A new Specialist Victims Support Service (SVSS) will be established in Victims Services, Department of Justice. The new service will establish and operate the Specialist Victims Register for victims of forensic patients found unfit at a special hearing or not guilty by reason of mental illness. There will be a period of transition moving from the existing Forensic Patient Victims Register run by the Mental Health Review Tribunal to the Specialist Victims Register. During this time the Mental Health Review Tribunal will still be the main contact for registered victims. SVSS will contact registered victims in early 2019. For more information on how the forensic mental health reforms will improve victims experiences and increase their engagement with the legal process please refer to the NSW Department of Justice website.

  • 19/11/2018 - The Law Reform Commission has released a Consultation Paper 21 - consent in relation to sexual offences. The closing date for submissions addressing this Consultation Paper is Friday, 1 February 2019. The Law Reform Commission website also contains further information on the use of submissions and confidentiality. Instead of a formal submission, you may prefer to complete a brief survey that covers the main issues raised in the Consultation Paper. Further information on the review may be found on the Law Reform Commission website.

  • 18/11/2018 - The Child Sexual Offence Evidence Pilot Final Outcome Evaluation Report completed by the Social Policy Research Centre and the Institute of Criminology, Sydney Law School, outlines the findings of the evaluation and presents an assessment of the impact and effectiveness of the special measures introduced by the Pilot. The report also makes recommendations for future development. The full report can be viewed here.