What is the Code of Practice?

The NSW Code of Practice (the Code) was developed in consultation with government, non-government and professional associations and other stakeholders to help victims understand how to access their rights, to set minimum standards of service provision and support to victims of crime and to clarify how service providers meet their obligations under the Charter. It also aims to provide victims of crime with a better understanding of what to expect from service providers and details complaints procedures if a victim of crime believes that a Charter right has been breached.

Not all service providers are responsible for each of the rights under the Charter. However, it is expected that staff in all agencies are aware of the obligations under the Charter, make information about the Charter available to their clients, and meet the standards outlined by the Code.

Why develop a code of practice?

The Code has been written for those who require support from service providers, those who have ongoing support needs and those who require practical information to assist in their recovery and throughout the criminal justice process. The Code also provides a level of guidance to those responsible for implementing victims’ rights to make sure they, as well as victims, are fully aware of what should be expected and how they are to be treated under the Charter. 

image of Code of Practice book

NSW Code of Practice for the Charter of Victims Rights (PDF, 932Kb)
(44pp book)

This full version of the NSW Code of Practice for the Charter of Victims Rights details information about the specific responsibilities of agencies working with victims.

image of Cplain English ode of Practice bookWhat rights do I have as a victim of crime (PDF, 2800Kb)
(12pp book)
A plain English guide to the Code of Practice which helps victims understand their rights, and to know what to expect from service providers.