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​Multimedia ​

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​Available as online video and on DVD

(approx 30 mins total)

This video is intended to assist victims of crime navigate the criminal justice system in NSW.

It follows three victims of crime as they report the crime and give evidence, through to the final decision of the court and sentencing of the offender.

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​Booklets ​

Justice Journey court preparation guide - Supporting victims and witnesses of crime through the court process (PDF 1433Kb)
(64pp A4 booklet)

This guide is designed for victims support groups to support the use of the Justice Journey Information about going to court information sheet series below. It contains additional information that will help workers explain concepts or court processes; issues the worker should be aware of that may impact on the client; suggested court preparation plans; and references for additional resources and support. It is intended that the support person give a copy of the relevant information sheet/s to the client, and then walk through it with them using the information in the guide to assist in explaining the relevant processes to the client. Each section corresponds to an information sheet, which is identified at the beginning of the section.

NOTE: The guide and information sheets (see below) can be used as a stand-alone resource or alongside the DVD Justice Journey – Information for victims of crime about going to court in NSW.

image of victim impact statement info pack
Victim impact statement information package (PDF 178KB)
(12pp A4 booklet)

Assists victims making a victim impact statement in the local, district or supreme court. Topics covered include:

  • What is a victim impact statement

  • Who can prepare a victim impact statement

  • When should a victim impact statement be prepared

  • What information should be in a victim impact statement

  • Where to obtain help in preparing a victim impact statement

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Sentencing Information Package
(PDF 288KB)
(20pp A4 booklet)

Jointly produced by the Victims Service, Criminal Law Review and the NSW Sentencing Council to assist victims of crime in understanding the sentencing process.

image of access to court docs sheetAccess to Court Documents - Information for Victims of Crime
(PDF 109KB)
(2pp A4 sheet)
Explains how victims of crime can access court documents from the local, district or supreme court. If you have been a victim of crime and there were criminal proceedings against the offender, you may be able to access court documents in those proceedings. You may be entitled to fee-free access to judgements and written evidence in those proceedings in which you are concerned.

​Information sheets ​ ​

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