Submissions to the State Parole Authority

Sometimes offender's are eligible to apply for unescorted leave or parole. You will be advised of this, if you are on the victims Register.

Making a written submission is your opportunity to convey how you feel about the possibility of the offenders presence in the community and any conditions you would like considered if the offender were approved.

Your submission is looked at along with any other reports to help them make a decision.

You do not have to do this. Some victims of crime feel that it is important to them. Some have concerns about their safety and wish to comment. Others feel that they have no need to make any submissions. There is no 'right' way.

If you do decide to make a submission you need to have your name on the Corrective Services Victims Register so they can contact you. If you are not on the register then they have no way of getting in contact with you.