About us

Victims Services is part of the NSW Department of Justice. We provide support and information for victims of crime in NSW.

Our vision:  

A just and safe society       

Our purpose:

The Department of Justice provides an effective justice system by delivering programs and services that contribute to building safe communities and the protection of rights.

We provide the following services:

Victims Access Line 
A single entry point for victims of crime in NSW to access services.

A  free counselling service for victims of violent crime that occurred in NSW.

Financial support 
A package of care to support and assist victims.

Support Coordination Team
Provide advice, support and information, referral to other services and assistance to build a package of care.

Promotion of Victims Rights and the Charter

Victims of crime clearinghouse
An online database containing summaries of significant research into victims issues.


A specialised support service that provides assistance, information, counselling and group work. www.missingpersons.justice.nsw.gov.au

Victims Advisory Board 

A 12 member Board that advises the Attorney General on policies and reforms relating to victims.

Interagency Committee 

Representatives of a range of government and community agencies that provide services to victims who meet regularly to discuss a range of victim related issues.

Community outreach

Victims Services organises and attends forums and information sessions for service providers throughout NSW. If you would like a forum or information session organised for you please contact the Manager Marketing & Community Engagement at Victims Services by email on vs@justice.nsw.gov.au