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Fact sheet: Victims Reassessment Scheme

NSW Government's commitment to victims

In 2013 the NSW Government replaced the old Victims Compensation Scheme with the Victims Support Scheme. The change ensured victims of crime would have quicker access to holistic support and services including counselling services and support payments to help cover the costs incurred as a result of an act of violence, such as medical expenses.

The Victims Support Scheme is providing positive assistance to victims of crime, with the average time taken to process a claim significantly reduced from that under the old scheme. However the Government has acknowledged that there is a group of victims whose expectations under the old scheme were not met.

The Government has confirmed that those victims who had lodged an application under the old Victims Compensation Scheme (so before 7 May 2013), but whose application had not been finalised when the Victims Support Scheme commenced, can apply to have their applications assessed under the compensable injury terms of the old scheme. These applications are known as "transitional claims".

Eligible victims under the reassessment scheme
Victims may be eligible to have their claim reassessed if they lodged a claim under the old Victims Compensation Scheme before 7 May 2013 and it was not finalised before that date. Victims Services will individually write to eligible victims to advise them of their eligibility for reassessment.

Reassessment is optional
Each eligible victim can choose whether or not to apply for reassessment.

Application period
Eligible victims may apply for reassessment between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016.

Application process
A letter providing details of how to apply will be sent to each eligible victim. Victims affected by this process can make enquiries by calling the Victims Support Line on:
Phone: (02) 8688 6600 or 1800 993 031 
Email: vsrp@justice.nsw.gov.au

Amount of payments on reassessment
Amounts awarded on reassessment will depend on the assessor's determination of the individual claim. If an eligible victim is awarded more money on reassessment, they will receive the difference between the reassessment amount and any award already received. If the reassessment amount is less, the victim will not have to pay any money back.

Counselling will continue to be available to all victims of violent crime. This process will not affect the availability or the process of counselling for victims who are eligible to have their claim reassessed.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Further information
Victims Support Line: (02) 8688 6600 or 1800 993 031
Email: vsrp@justice.nsw.gov.au