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Gay and lesbian people  

Same sex domestic violence        

For information about domestic violence in same sex relationships go to the 'Another Closet' website. The site includes information on what to do if you are experiencing domestic violence; help in recovering from domestic violence; and supporting a family member or friend.

Reporting crime

If you have witnessed a crime or are a victim of a crime, you should report this to the police.

Many Local Area Commands will have a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer (GLLO) if you wish to talk a person with additional experience in dealing with issues affecting gay and lesbian people.

You can also contact the ACON anti-violence project (AVP) to make a report of homophobic violence (including threats of violence or ongoing intimidation) that you may have experienced or witnessed.

Court support and help with applying for an AVO

For help with going to court or applying for an AVO you can contact:
Safe Relationships Project (Inner City Legal Centre)