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Victims services and support

​We provide support services, including free counselling and financial assistance to victims of crime. Victims have rights which are set out in the Charter of Victims Rights, which includes the right to be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect. In this section, find out about support services for children, victims of sexual assault and other crimes, and families and friends of missing persons. You can also find out more about victims rights and how to get support throughout the justice system.


On 1 September 2017, the NSW Department of Justice released the Strengthening child sexual abuse laws in NSW discussion paper seeking input from victims, legal stakeholders and the community on the Royal Commission’s legislative recommendations and issues with child sexual abuse laws. To make a submission on the discussion paper, visit the NSW Government's 'Have Your Say' website: www.nsw.gov.au/improving-nsw/have-your-say or the Department of Justice's Public Consultation website: http://www.justice.nsw.gov.au/justicepolicy/justice-strategy-and-policy/public-consultation. Submissions close on Friday, 6 October 2017.

On 1 May 2017 Victims Services commenced transferring debts to the Office of State Revenue (OSR). For more information visit our news and announcements page.

The 31st of March 2017 marked the 1 year anniversary of the Child Sexual Offence Evidence Pilot. The pilot commenced in Sydney and Newcastle District Courts on 31st March 2016 and has, so far, received over 700 referral requests for Children's Champions (Witness Intermediaries) from Police and Courts.


​Victims rights

Victims of crime in New South Wales have a Charter of Victims Rights to protect and promote their rights.

Victims Rights 

Charter of Victims Rights

The NSW Code of Practice

Charter complaints


The Approved Counselling Service provides free counselling for victims of crime. 

The Approved Counselling Service 

How to apply for counselling

How to find an Approved Counsellor

Feedback on counselling

Financial support

The Victims Support Scheme builds a package of care to support and assist victims at the time they need it most.

Financial support & assistance

Who can apply

How to apply

Reassessment of claims

Restitution - recovering money

When a victim of a crime receives financial support Victims Services may recover money from the convicted offender through restitution.

Recovering money

Provisional Orders

Arrangements & Orders

Debtor Payments

Restorative Justice

Forum Sentencing

Restorative Justice in Corrective Services

Victims Registers​

 Support for victims of crime

Victims Services helps victims navigate their way through the justice system from the time they become a victim until after the end of the court process.

The Justice Journey 

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For victims of sexual assault


If you are a victim of sexual assault there are many services that can provide counselling, support and information.

Help for victims of sexual assault 

Support and counselling

Safety and protection

Reporting to police

For victims of child abuse

Find out more about services, support, legislative change and rights for victims of child abuse.

Removal of the time limit for victims of child abuse to make claims for damages

Child Sexual Offence Evidence Pilot

For families and friends of missing persons

The Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit is the only unit that provides counselling and support from trained professionals to families and friends of missing people.

For families and friends of missing people

Counselling and support

Managing financial affairs

Search agencies

For service providers


Victims Access Line (VAL) 

The VAL is the entry point to Victims Services.

Phone: 1800 633 063​

Aboriginal Contact Line
(8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)

If you are an Aboriginal and a victim of crime, call this number for information.
Phone: 1800 019 123 (freecall number)

Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit

Phone: 1800 227 772 or 02 8688 8173 (Sydney Metropolitan) 

Research into victims issues

The Victims of Crime Clearinghouse is an online database of significant victim research

Research Database

Media Toolbox 

Events and conferences

For service providers

The NSW Code of Practice

Applying to be an Approved Counsellor

Remote Witness Guidelines